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Welcome to Studio Belle, your premier destination for all your permanent makeup and tattoo needs in Las Vegas! We are a specialized permanent makeup and tattoo academy that offers training and services. We are dedicated to helping you enhance, define, and recreate your features for easy, long-lasting results!
Microblading is like the Picasso of brow enhancement. Instead of a regular tattoo gun, it uses this tiny, handheld tool with a bunch of mini needles to add semi-permanent color to your brows. The cool thing is, it’s not your typical permanent makeup application. It’s more like a brow upgrade that lasts for a good while. So, if you’re after that effortlessly groomed look without the commitment, microblading might just be your brow BFF. And best of all, it’s suitable for both males and females!
Microshading is a cosmetic technique that involves the meticulous application of semi-permanent makeup to enhance and define your eyebrows. Considered a form of cosmetic tattooing, this procedure is performed by skilled technicians to achieve a well-defined and polished look for your brows.
Ombre Brows

Ombre powder brows are a permanent make up treatment that uses either a digital machine or handheld tool to insert tiny dots of pigment into the skin. It creates a more shaded effect, rather than the crisp hair strokes that are often associated with microblading.

Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a form of permanent makeup (also referred to as a cosmetic tattoo) where color, definition, and shape are added to your lips. Using a handheld machine and pigment, the artist will softly shade a soft a the superficial layers of the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Filler

HA fillers are typically soft and gel-like. The results are temporary, lasting 6 to 12 months or longer before the body gradually and naturally absorbs the particles. Most HA fillers are infused with lidocaine to help minimize discomfort during and after treatment.

Lip Liner & Color

This simple and effective procedure involves applying a semi-permanent tattoo to the lips. Permanent lip liner and color can enhance the appearance of your lips by creating a fuller, more-defined look. Do you want your lips to look more plump, youthful, and colorful?


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